DIVERTER™ Flexibag Tube Barrier by FloodAvert

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The DIVERTER™ Flexibag is a specially designed linear bag ideal for redirecting shallow, flowing water away from your property. A single Diverter tube provides over 9 feet of water diversion protection. The specialized cover allows water to enter the DIVERTER™. Then, the super absorbent polymer (SAP) material absorbs water to inflate the tube in three minutes, without messy sand.

The bag weighs just 12 ounces and expands to 44 pounds. It has coupling strips on each end to connect multiple DIVERTER™ Flexibags. Each easy-to-store tube includes 2 DIVERTER™ Flexibags.

  • Entrances and Exits: Acts as a door flood barrier by preventing water from becoming a hazard in entrances and exit ways.
  • Direct Flow: Diverts the flow of water away from your property to ensure key areas stay dry
  • Indoor Spills: Contain indoor spills and leaks by coiling DIVERTER™ around wet areas
  • Wall-mounted Storage: Use the included hook and fastener to store DIVERTER™ near critical areas for rapid deployment
  • Extend: Each DIVERTER™ can be joined with another to extend the barrier for added protection