Get Your Hurricane Flood Protection in the United States

Hurricanes can be a significant threat to homes and businesses throughout the impacted area. Not only do you have to be concerned about the torrential rains that occur, but you also need to be wary of the storm surge if you’re located close enough to the coastline. With the right hurricane flood protection from Flood Avert, you can feel confident your home or business will be protected, no matter how much water comes its way.

Can It Be Reused?

One of the biggest concerns when investing in hurricane flood protection in the United States is whether you can reuse it. Because ocean water contains salt, it can cause damage if your hurricane flood protection comes into contact with it. While our solution is saltwater compliant, it is best to replace your barriers once you do use them in these situations to give you peace of mind they will be in good condition when you need to use them next time.

How Long Can You Store Your Hurricane Protection Solutions?

Because of the materials from which your hurricane flood protection is made, it’s essential to understand the lifespan. Materials can begin to break down over time, even when you don’t use them. Most barriers will last between five and 10 years. You can increase the lifespan and ensure you don’t have to replace them too often by storing them in a cool, dry place until you need to use them.

Do They Block or Absorb the Water?

Our hurricane flood protection solutions available in the United States do both. Because they are placed along the base of doors and windows, they will help slow down the water and keep it from entering the home through these cracks, but they do more than that. The materials used inside the sandless sandbags were selected to absorb the water quickly. When water is absorbed, it increases the size of the sandbags and provides even greater protection against the water that keeps flowing. Once this happens, you will be unable to use the flood protection devices again in the future because they lose some of their effectiveness.

If you’re looking for the best hurricane flood protection in the United States, consider our solutions to help you keep your home or business safe.