Find the Best Alternatives for Sandbags

Most people are familiar with the use of sandbags to help stop the flow of floodwaters; whether it’s due to a river rising, a hurricane storm surge or another similar source, the water needs to be stopped as quickly as possible. At FloodAvert, we offer a solution that doesn’t require filling and allows you to put up a water barrier anywhere much faster and more efficiently than using traditional sandbags. You’ll get the best of both worlds at an affordable price, so you can protect your home or business from dangerous floodwaters that can cause devastating damage.

Are Sandbags the Most Effective Option?

Because sandbags are often one of the first things people think of when they need to protect against advancing floodwaters, many people don’t think any further. While sandbags are quite useful, they aren’t your only solution. We offer several alternatives for sandbags for customers throughout the United States that also provide a practical, functional barrier that stops water in its tracks. Whether you’re trying to protect your private property, or you work in the government and want to protect the entire community, our solutions can do just as much as sandbags and more.

Do You Need to Rely on Sandbags?

The short answer is no. While sandbags have long been the go-to solution for communities and individual residents and businesses, they are no longer the only solution. We, like other companies, have developed alternatives for sandbags that are simple to store and deploy, giving you a faster solution for those situations when you have little time to prepare for an incoming flood. These solutions don’t take up a lot of space, allowing you to keep everything you need close at hand. You won’t have to waste time filling messy sandbags and lugging them into place. Simply unroll and deploy your flood protection, and you’re ready to go.

Should I Make My Own?

If you’re in a pinch, making your own sandbags or alternatives for sandbags can be an ideal solution. However, it’s best to be prepared and have the tools you need on hand before disaster strikes. These alternatives are small enough to store conveniently and can be easily deployed when you get warning a flood may be approaching. You’ll be able to keep your home or business safe without worrying about how effective your homemade solution will be.

If you’re looking for the best alternatives to sandbags in the United States, contact us. We'll help you decide which options will work best for your needs.