Protect Your Home with a Flood Barrier

Although they might not seem as dangerous as fires, floods are the United States’ number one natural disaster. With this in mind, establishing a flood control barrier is an essential component of protecting your home or business.

Storm surges and other flood events pose a risk to your personal safety as well as the safety of your family. Additionally, flood damage to your home can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Our flood protection barriers for homes and businesses mitigate these risks by preventing flood water from entering your building.

You can think of these kits as sandless sandbags. However, our inflatable flood barriers offer a number of distinct advantages over traditional sandbags. They’re easier to store and deploy, provide greater protection, and can actually be re-used to prevent water damage in future flooding.

These water barriers fight fire with fire, or more accurately, they fight water with water. Our BoomBags™ and DefenderBags™ are water-activated devices, meaning contact with water causes them to expand. For the highest level of protection, pair these bags with a Floodscreen™ to create a waterproof seal across any doorway.

Traditional sandbags can take hours to fill and deploy. But you can install our flood barriers for homes and businesses in 30 minutes or less. And because they protect your home from water with water, they require almost no storage space. Instead of bulky, heavy sand, all you need is water from the tap or a hose to fill our flood barriers.

Ideally, you’ll have enough warning to position the water-filled bags against all entryways before the flooding starts. But don’t worry if you only have enough time to partially inflate the bags. As the rising water levels reach your flood barrier, the bags will continue to inflate, allowing them to provide their full protection.

Our flood barriers provide you with the peace of mind needed to stay calm during the flood season. And because our products are reusable, they’re even more affordable than traditional sandbags. Once the waters subside, simply store the inflatable flood barriers in a closet or under your bed. When the next flood comes, you’ll be ready for it.

Get the peace of mind you need to stay calm during a flood with flood barriers from FloodAvert.