Sandbags: Where to Purchase Them & How to Make Your Own

Regardless of whether you live in a flood-heavy state, it’s essential that you have a plan in the case that flood waters come ravaging through your home or business. Not only can the right flood preparation keep your property safe, but it can improve your physical safety as well.

Creating Your Own Sandbags

If you find yourself needing flood protection in a pinch and you haven’t invested in the right equipment yet, it is possible to make your own sandbags. While you can simply fill a bag with sand and toss it on the ground for protection, take the following approach to ensure your sandbags are as effective and long-lasting as possible.

  • Zip ties are helpful in sealing the open end of the sandbag to keep sand in effectively
  • Use plastic bags to create another layer of protection. Start by pouring the sand first in a plastic bag and then placing that bag in an additional bag to double up on protection.

At the very least, these homemade options can help stop or lessen the water damage temporarily.

Alternatives to Sandbags

You may not be able to access sandbags or maybe they’re sold out in your area. If this is the case, you can opt for sandbag alternatives instead. For the bags, you can use pillow cases, double up on plastic bags, or even hessian fabric. Hessian is a fabric sold by the foot at most hardware stores.

For filling alternatives, consider materials such as cat litter, potting mix, dirt, gravel, blankets, or rags. As long as the filling is water-absorbent, it is a good alternative to sand.

Purchase Reusable Sandless Sandbags Today

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