How Can I Prepare for a Hurricane?

Mother Nature can go from beautiful to threatening in a matter of hours, so being prepared for all weather types is always important. While it’s impossible to stop a hurricane in its tracks, being prepared by investing in the right materials and having a calm head on your shoulders can help you and your family navigate this scary situation.

Turn on Updates

Knowledge is power when you’re preparing for incoming bad weather. Understanding how much time you have before you need to set out your reusable sandless sandbags can ensure you act in a timely manner to prepare for the weather.

Make a Plan

Always prepare for the worst even if the storm doesn’t seem severe. Establish a common meeting place if your family needs to evacuate and be mindful that any pets that you have will also need to be factored into the plan.

Have the Right Materials

Investing in the right flood protection materials such as reusable sandless sandbags, rapid response pods, or our flood screens can help you feel prepared when heavy storms are heading your way.

Move Your Cars

Cars should never be parked underneath trees or power lines, and they shouldn’t be left in low-lying areas. If possible, move your car to higher ground or park it in your garage against the door.

If a large storm is headed your way, do your best to keep calm. With the right line of defense, you can minimize the damage. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team at Flood Avert today.